Do dogs have a universal language that we can learn to understand?


Do you feel like you want to better interpret your dog's communication?


Could your relationship with your dog improve if your communication got better?

Dog communication goes beyond just barks. It includes a whole repertoire of facial expressions, body language signals and vocalisations. Once we learn to recognise these signals and interpret them, we are not only likely to see that our dogs are far more chatty than we ever imagined, but it results in better communication. And like with any relationship, better communication strengthens relationships.

This compelling course will give you a detailed insight into Calming Signals - the visual language dogs use to communicate with each other and humans. Interestingly, these signals are understood by all dogs. There are more than 30 calming signals that dogs use! Think about it - an Indian street dog could communicate with a dog from Norway, for example, and be understood. How humbling is that!

Backed by years of cutting edge scientific research and an empathetic, force-free philosophy, this course goes into the amazing advances to be learned within the world of animal behaviour. It explores a dog’s mind, their stress signals, ethology and how much there is to learn from free-ranging dogs and incorporate them into the lives of our furry companions.

Sindhoor Pangal, canine behaviour consultant, canine ethology researcher and canine myotherapist has created this course so you can not only take a peek into your dog’s heart and mind, but also open up your own.

Sindhoor also walks you through practical ways to improve your relationship with your dog through calm communication. She’s of the firm belief that there needs to be no forceful training, only understanding and empathy.

In an easy to learn format, you can work through this course at your own pace. It has short video lectures and real life footage of dogs using signals for communication, followed by short quizzes to help recap and retain ideas. It also has some assignment suggestions to help you with practical application of the learning and improve your observation skills.

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Canine communication: A scientific and modern guide to Calming Signals touches upon:

  • What are Calming Signals?
  • The different types of Calming Signals and what do they mean?
  • What to do your dog exhibits Calming Signals?
  • A brief guide to vocalisations in dogs
  • 30 videos, 20+ quizzes, 15+ assignment suggestions

Who this course is for all dog people:

  • Dog lovers
  • Dog Parents
  • Dog trainers if they’re looking to upskill with the latest scientific knowledge
  • Dog enthusiasts who want to learn more about dog communication.

Skill level required:

This course can be taken by anyone. No prior experience with dog training required.

However, you should be willing to learning the kinder way of dealing with dogs.