The BHARCS Way uniquely combines science with philosophy and observations of free living dogs, creating fresh perspectives on human-animal entanglements, aimed at improving the wellbeing of companion and community dogs. 

The bundle consists of prerecorded lectures that you can do at your own pace and access to live sessions with Sindhoor and other like minded individuals from across the globe.

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A multi-disciplinary approach


Learn about the body (bio), mind (psychology) and relationships (socio) of dogs that drive behaviour.


Use observations of free-living dogs (street dogs) to understand normal dog behaviour.


Gain fluency in dog-dog and human-dog communication. 

What is zoosemiotics?

We obsess over communication, spending countless hours observing and analysing how free-living dogs and companion dogs communicate and how dogs interpret our body language, expressions, tone etc.

You’ll learn how to use your own body language, gestures, eye contact, expressions, tone and movement to effectively communicate with your dogs.

You’ll also get better at noticing and interpreting your dogs communication, which strengthens relationships.

Topics covered in the course:

  1. What signals do dogs use to communicate and what do they mean?

  2. How we can communicate with dogs using our body language, gestures, eye contact, facial expression and tone. Our focus is not on what we can train dogs to understand, but what dogs naturally understand and respond to. We use examples of free-living dogs (street dogs) to explore this topic. 

  3. Why should we care about stress in modern loving homes? What causes stress in our pampered pooches? How to recognise stress in dogs? What to do about it?

  4. Ways to safely approach and handle dogs, without need for muzzles, restraint and training. We only use our body language, gestures, eye contact, facial expression and tone for communication. This is the BHARCS way.

  5. The dominance myth and the truth about social structure of dogs, as revealed by lives of free-living dogs (street dogs)

  6. Understanding fear and fear related behaviours in dogs.

  7. Why, when and how to reassure dogs without crating or training them. We use the BHARCS way of communicating with dogs.

  8. Impact of punishments and training on dogs.

  9. Understanding how to draw boundaries without need for yelling, training or restraining. Here again, we only use the BHARCS way of communicating with dogs. 

  10. Ergonomic equipment for dogs, outdoor management & stress-free leash handling. Here again, we rely on the BHARCS way of communicating, that does not need training.

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What is the BHARCS Auditorium?

Live interactions twice a month which include:

  • Q&A with Sindhoor
  • Conclaves with Sindhoor that explore advanced topics
  • Guest lectures
  • Case studies by BACBED students
  • Access to previous recordings
  • An additional selection from our archives every month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the CE 101 Pro?

This bundle includes the foundation course Canine Essentials 101 & access to the BHARCS Auditorium for 3 months.

Is there an expiry date to the bundle?

At the end of 3 months, you will no longer have access to the BHARCS Auditorium. But you can renew your subscription for it and continue accessing our monthly live events. You get lifetime access for the CE 101, so there's no expiry date to the course.

Do I get a professional certificate once I complete this course?

Once you complete the CE 101 course, you get a certificate of completion but please note that this is not a professional certificate.

What is the Auditorium? How do I purchase access to it?

The BHARCS Auditorium is a subscription based access to live sessions, AMAs, case studies, special newsletters and more. This is included in this bundle so you don't have to make any additional purchase.

When can I do the professional diploma with BHARCS?

To be eligible for BACBED (the professional diploma), you need to have competed the CE 101 course and clear the screening criteria (an application form & interview). You can write to [email protected] for more details.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

While BHARCS doesn't provide refunds, purchases made on Teachable via Teachable modes of payments are eligible for refunds within 30 days of the purchase. Please write to [email protected] to know whether your purchase is eligible for a refund, as per Teachable policies.